MVA Public Charitable Trust
मंगलम् विद्या अहम्


Mangalam Vidya Aham means “Social Welfare, Education and Awareness”


MVA Trust works for the social welfares, Education, and Awareness to provide social relief and upliftment to Poor, sick, downtrodden and the underprivileged. The vision of Mangalam Vidya Aham Public Charitable Trust is to burgeon skills & Development stimulation and train the society to change with the needs of the economy to ensure peace, harmony, and prosperity everywhere through its all work and efforts.

MVA Public Charitable Trust through its all efforts stimulate both the hearts and minds of the scholars, empowers them to contribute to the welfare of the society at large, train to adapt themselves to the changing needs of the economy, Educate them for cultural leadership and ensure peace, Harmony and prosperity for all.

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Divya Ashrams

Self Development


Our Aim and Objectives

The primary objective of MVA Public Charitable Trust is to inculcate the spirit of Patriotism, social responsibilities, and achieves the goal through Economic Upliftment, Education, Secured Health and Social values & to foster, Encourage and catalyze activities aimed for improving the quality of life in rural areas.

Our aim is to set motion and play a proactive role in giving direction for a quiet social movement/revolution for socio-economical, educational, cultural, scientific, technical, financial, ethical prosperity and take spearheaded initiative to spread the gain or prosperity in the benefit of throughout masses of world of living creature.

We also aim to organize, Promote, undertake, sponsor and carryout programs for the benefit of naturally challenged person, schedule cast, schedule tribes, people under poverty line, old-aged, widow, and religion.


“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

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Chairman's Message

“Every Drop Counts. Every Act Results.
Eyes understand Relations.
Relation archive dedication, yield Devotion.
Work has no End. Trust must be counted.”

Dr AV Mangal

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English school of Phonetics
MVA Public Charitable Trust, Ward No. - 06
PUSA, Samastipur - 848125 (BIHAR)


+91 933-460-4270
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