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Mangalam Vidya Aham Trust is one of the leading Public Charitable Trust in India working with and for disadvantaged society for nearly half a decade. It was set up in 2013 and is registered under the India Trusts Act 1882. Mangalam Vidya Aham Public Charitable Trust advocates for three basic requirements of the society : 1. Mangalam : social welfare, 2. Vidya : Education and 3. Aham: AwarenessThe MVA Public Charitable Trust has a Motto to inculcate the spirit of Patriotism, social responsibilities, and to achieve the goal through Economic Upliftment, Education, Secured Health and Social values & to foster, Encourage and catalyze activities aimed for improving the quality of life in rural areas.We set motion and play a proactive role in giving direction for a quiet social movement/revolution for socio-economical, educational, cultural, scientific, technical, financial, ethical prosperity and take spearheaded initiative to spread the gain or prosperity in the benefit of throughout masses of world of living creature.We organize, Promote, undertake, sponsor, carryout, all programs for the benefit of naturally challenged person, schedule cast, schedule tribes, people under poverty line, old-aged, widow, and religion.

Mangalam Vidya Aham  Public Charitable Trust through its all branches, Schools & Colleges shall stimulate both the hearts and minds of the scholars, empowers them to contribute to the welfare of the society at large, train to adapt themselves to the changing needs of the economy, Educate them for cultural  leadership and ensure peace, Harmony and prosperity for all.


MVA Public charitable Trust’s History starts with the story of compassion of a small innocent boy who was quite worry about underdogs’ struggle and theirs remunerations unfit to poverty and illness, his sweat and daily needs,out of condition ill-health of the poor people fighting with fatal diseases, Challenged persons. Thus, decided to service the mankind and search the talents to unite all unemployed skilled one to each others’ benefit to make their livelihood well established and stimulate development of our society.

All the unemployed general public is the impetus as well as inspiration for the growth of MVA Trust. Now MVA Trust based on social welfares, Education and Awareness; functions as a social relief NGO striving for the upliftment of Poor, sick, downtrodden and the under privileged.

The vision of Mangalam Vidya Aham Public Charitable Trust through its all projects is to burgeon skills & Development stimulation and train the society to changing needs of the economy to endure peace, harmony and prosperity everywhere.

Dr. A. V. Mangal Founder, MVA Trust PUSA

Dr. A. V. Mangal

A dedicated social activist and Researcher striving for the upliftment of the society with vision to have a casteless society with freedom and equality.

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