MVA Agriculture Program

Agriculture is known to be a standout amongst the most significant economic activities. It includes the production of plants,  fiber, fuel, domestication of animals and cattle and more by using natural resources such as, water and land. The term agriculture is more extensive than it is usually foreseen to be. It includes forestry, fishery, domesticating animals and in particular yield crops.

India is called a agriculture based nation since farming is the essential wellspring of employment for around 58 percent of India’s population. Farming in India has evolved over the years from customary and traditional methods for becoming to progressively inventive feasible methods. Despite the Indian economy opening up to the world and tallness of globalization, a noteworthy piece of the population still relies upon farming for its livelihood. Besides giving sustenance i.e food to the country, agribusiness consumes labor, adds to the market for industrial products.

The facts demonstrate imaginative techniques are always developing to simplify processes, yet at the same time, People are going to the urban communities leaving the agricultural cultivating land unattended?

We aim to execute increasingly improved and maintainable advancements to cultivation. We are backing to interface agriculture with education and create work opportunities within the village itself which makes the village self-supportable.

Our Agricultural Programs

Bhartiya Krishak Club

Yashoka Organic Farming and Farm House

Medicinal Herbs and Shrubs

Super Wormy Compost and Culture Manufacturing Training

Neera – Farming and Products

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