About Logo

As the aim and objective of trust, the name defines himself having three different field 1. Mangalam 2. Vidya and 3. Aham where, Mangalam stand for social welfare, vidya stands for Education and Aham stands for Awareness or skill Development.

    First of all we see at bottom, Mangalam is strongly encircled by a black ring’s black lined fire around it; where, mangalam stands for hidden good traits of a person that warped by black line surrounded fire standing for inner meritorious conscious soul’s struggle of a personality to his critical sufferings, bad impact of surroundings although have powerful energy. Once he struggle and crossed barrier it becomes such a spirit having powerful unidirectional positive energy leading toward social Welfare. Here bluish lined luminous fire means for  powerful unidirectional positive energy full of enthusiasm leading good acts and fruiting welfare activities.

At second,  2 green compound Leaves are wrapping 12 leaves saffron Lotus flower stands for globalization and connect the humanity to greenish environment quenching the hunger & thrust of livelihood by means of  green revolution; protecting, directing and gaining conscious energy  and says to be green.

Next to 2 green compound leaves, a yellowish 3 sepals flower emerges having green petal shows over all fruiting prosperity of humankind emerges from green revolution which will be beneficial to all. after all 9 sepal pink lotus flower occur which is always  pious and devoted for social welfare dedicated to lord of prosperity and wealth.

From The both sides meritorious mangalam through its all acts yield white pinkish sepal’s flower stands for a gravity, Peace and Harmony protecting and empowering the powerful courage and enthusiasm of humanity at center, so denoted by 12 sepals’ saffron colored Lotus says life is a continuous process. So continue your labor. Thus Conclude meaning aim and ambition of Mangalam Vidya Aham Public charitable trust, PUSA (India).